Organic Tanners House Blend - Medium Roast (Best Seller)


This blend is perhaps our most unique blend. The first sip might make you think it's just another cup but take another, and you will discover robust and satisfying flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, and a nutty finish. 

The story behind the Tanners House blend  is one the will pull on your heartstrings. 

Just up the road was a family whose child had cancer at 3 years old. Tanner had the same cancer as Mark. “50 years later, after I've gone through my cancer, this little boy has cancer and loses both of his eyes. That's where we're at, or where we're not at, in fighting childhood cancer.”

But Tanner didn't let blindness slow him down. He and Mark would explore their new world together. “He's walking with his stick.” And then to make a long story short… Tanner passed away in the summer of the early 2000s. Tanner’s legacy lives on today; Mark named “Tanner’s Roast” after him.