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In 2007, Blind Dog Coffee Roasters was founded in Reno, Nevada, by the resilient Mark Berry. Overcoming childhood cancer threatened his eyesight, Mark triumphed through radiation. By his 49th birthday, legally blind, he refused limitations, mastering coffee roasting with his supportive family. Blind Dog became a symbol of resilience, a testament to overcoming adversity.
Mark and his family worked tirelessly, turning Blind Dog into a dedication-filled venture. The aroma of freshly roasted coffee embodied triumph, representing the strength of familial bonds. Now, as Mark retires, he leaves a legacy transcending beans, passing Blind Dog to his family—a testament to enduring spirit. The story of Blind Dog Coffee Roasters isn't just about coffee; it's a blend of determination, love, and the pursuit of something extraordinary.


Still clinging tight to the core values Mark has set in place; always wanting to offer our customers a specialty high-quality coffee at a fair price and being able to give back to the community, especially to the Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation and so many other charities close to our heart.

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Exceptional Coffee Experiences

At Blind Dog Coffee, our commitment goes beyond just serving a cup of coffee; it's about crafting exceptional experiences for every coffee enthusiast. From meticulously selecting the finest beans to our precise roasting process, we take pride in ensuring that every sip tells a story of passion and dedication.

Brewing Hope with Every Cup of Blind Dog Coffee

With each sip of Blind Dog Coffee, you're not just enjoying a rich blend; you're contributing to a child's fight, their dreams, and the opportunity to live. Blind Dog Coffee not only brings a smile to your face but also puts a wag on your tail!