Where Do The Beans Come From?
Blind Dog Coffee Roasters™ receives their beans from all around the world! You can always find coffee from South America, Africa, Ethiopia, and so many more places! We receive our coffee from Royal Coffee which a family-owned and operated importer of specialty green coffees, serving the international roasting community 
What Does The Dog Have To Do With Coffee?
As seen in our logo, the Dog represents our Founder Mark Berry. Every picture label our wonderful artist has created, shows the Dog (Mark Berry) doing an activity such has hiking through Death Valley or sitting with his Friend Tanner in our Tanners Roast.
How Much Coffee Do I Add?
The general rule of the amount of grounds you need is 2 Tbsp. per 6 oz of water. By changing the brewing method, the amount of ground coffee, and the grind setting you can dramatically change the flavor in your cup to suit your taste buds!
Which Grind Should I Use?
Fine Grind- Anything that needs a very delicate grind (Pour Overs, Espresso, etc.)
Drip- Anything that needs a medium grind (Regular Coffee Makers, Keurig, etc)
French Press- Anything that needs a courser grind (French Press, Percolator, etc.)
I Need Blind Dog Coffee™ In My Store/ Business!
Please visit our "Your Business" tab located at the top of the website and we can help you get your favorite coffee in your restaurant, office, and hotels.
Where Else Can I Find Blind Dog Coffee™?
You can find your favorite blend on Amazon, Local Stores in Northern Nevada and California, Costco in Northern Nevada and so many other places!