Welcome to Blind Dog Coffee, your go-to for private label coffee solutions. We specialize in crafting premium blends tailored to your brand. With top-quality beans and customization options, we're committed to elevating your product. Whether small-batch or large-scale, we're here to help you stand out. Partner with us and let's create a coffee experience that sets your brand apart. Contact us today to get started!


Discover the advantages of partnering with Blind Dog Coffee for your private label coffee needs:

Brand Customization

Craft a distinctive coffee brand with personalized packaging and labels, setting you apart in the market.

Brand Loyalty

Cultivate customer loyalty through a branded coffee experience that resonates with consumers, fostering lasting connections.

Market Expansion

Seamlessly enter new markets or broaden your existing reach with our tailored private label coffee offerings.

Increased Profit Margins

Elevate your profitability by selling your own branded coffee, potentially enjoying higher margins compared to reselling other brands.

Quality Control

Maintain control over the quality and consistency of your coffee products by collaborating closely with our team to refine flavor profiles and quality standards to your liking.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Respond swiftly to shifting market dynamics and consumer preferences by adjusting packaging, blends, or marketing strategies as needed.

Brand Exposure

Amplify your brand presence through targeted marketing efforts and strategic distribution channels, attracting new customers to your unique coffee offerings.

Long-Term Partnership

Cultivate a enduring partnership with a trusted coffee roaster like Blind Dog Coffee, gaining access to expertise, ongoing support, and potential cost savings as our relationship flourishes.

Seamless private labeling process

  • 1. Initial Contact:

    Reach out to us expressing your interest in private labeling your coffee with your brand.
  • 2. Consultation:

    Engage in a comprehensive consultation where we delve into your branding, preferences, target audience, and volume requirements.
  • 3. Customization Options:

    Choose from an array of customization options including coffee bean origins, roast levels, packaging types, and label designs.
  • 4. Sampling:

    Sample various coffee blends to find the perfect match for your brand, ensuring it meets your discerning standards.
  • 5. Label Design and Approval:

    Collaborate with our team to create captivating custom labels that reflect your brand ethos, with final approval before printing.
  • 6. Production and Packaging:

    Watch as your selected coffee blend is expertly roasted and packaged with your custom labels, ready for market.
  • 7. Quality Control::

    Rest assured knowing that each batch undergoes rigorous quality checks to maintain consistency and excellence.
  • 8. Shipping and Delivery:

    Enjoy prompt and reliable shipping to your desired location, ensuring your branded coffee reaches your customers swiftly.
  • 9. Marketing Support:

    Access our wealth of marketing resources and guidance to effectively promote your branded coffee to your target audience.
  • 10. Feedback and Follow-Up:

    Provide feedback to help us continually refine and enhance our private label program, ensuring your ongoing satisfaction and success.”

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