Team Whiskey® embodies American heritage, rooted in familial bonds and dedicated craftsmanship. As the trailblazer in catering to outdoor sports and whiskey connoisseurs, Team Whiskey® stands as an icon of authenticity and adventure.

Founded in 2019, our inception revolved around our family matriarch's courageous battle against stage 3 metastatic cancer. Fueled by a shared passion for whiskey, Team Whiskey® shirts became symbols of support and unity among our loved ones. The overwhelming response from doctors, nurses, friends, and family affirmed our belief in Team Whiskey's ability to foster connections.

In February 2023, we celebrated a milestone with the release of our inaugural Bourbon batch, garnering rave reviews and marking the beginning of an exciting journey.

Teaming up with Blind Dog Coffee, renowned purveyors of Tahoe's finest brews, we birthed a unique fusion. Barrel-aged in Team Whiskey® barrels, our coffee boasts robust flavor tempered with a moderate caffeine kick. Notes of dried plum, cordial cherry, marzipan, and vanilla bean dance harmoniously, offering a sensory journey tailored for outdoor enthusiasts. Whether camping, fishing, hunting, or simply relishing the great outdoors, our blend promises an unforgettable companion.

Ian Berry, Co-Owner of Blind Dog Coffee, says, “We’re always looking for new ways to innovate, tantalize the taste buds and create unique flavor profiles that show our customers just how versatile coffee can really be. We love experimenting and playing around with different combinations, and this blend of 100% Arabica and locally produced whiskey is a match made in heaven. We hope our customers love this coffee just as much as we do!”

The new Bourbon Aged Coffee is produced in collaboration with Team Whiskey. Their Bourbon is Aged for a generous five years, untouched by filtration, and proudly bearing a robust 93 proof, our Bourbon offers an unparalleled flavor experience. With the lively zest of rye leading the way and the indulgent sweetness of caramel corn lingering on the palate, it's a libation that beckons for a second pour.

Yuliya Berry, Co-Owner of Blind Dog Coffee, says, “Partnering with Team Whiskey was a natural choice for us as we share many of the same values and visions. Like their 501c3 nonprofit organization Mary’s Team Whiskey Cancer Foundation. Here at Blind Dog cancer hits home for us and that's why we directly give back to the Northern Nevada Children's Cancer Foundation. At Blind Dog Coffee, we’re committed to selecting only the highest quality beans, and we know quality is something Team Whiskey takes seriously. We’re absolutely thrilled to be working together to bring the iconic and instantly recognizable tastes and aromas of the distillery into our morning brews and our everyday lives”.

Blind Dog Coffee roasted the first batch of Team Whiskey Bourbon Coffee in March of 2024.Team Whiskey debuted their Bourbon coffee in March of 2024 at their Whiskey Bonanza Event in South Lake Tahoe. This coffee is available on Team Whiskey's website. Click Here

November 14, 2022 — Blind Dog Coffee