Ebony & Ivory Blend


Features notes of rich dark chocolate, luscious molasses, and the exquisite essence of fruit leather, all beautifully wrapped up in a creamy finish that'll leave you craving for more!

An "Ebony and Ivory coffee blend" refers to a coffee blend that combines two contrasting coffee beans or roasts to create a balanced and harmonious flavor profile.

"Ebony" represents a darker roast coffee bean, often associated with strong and bold flavors, while "Ivory" represents a lighter roast coffee bean, known for its milder and more delicate taste. Blending these two roasts together can result in a coffee blend that offers a combination of rich, robust flavors from the dark roast (the "Ebony") and the subtler, brighter notes from the light roast (the "Ivory").

The aim of such a blend is to create a well-rounded and enjoyable coffee experience that caters to a broader range of taste preferences, allowing coffee enthusiasts to appreciate both the deep, complex characteristics of dark roast coffee and the nuanced, nuanced flavors of light roast coffee in a single cup.