Original Collection 6 - 12oz Organic Coffees

Decaf included in this collection

Bundle includes: 
1. Organic Tanners House Blend - Medium Roast
This blend is perhaps our most unique blend. The first sip might make you think it's just another cup but take another, and you will discover robust and satisfying flavors of milk chocolate, caramel, and a nutty finish. 
2. Organic Decaf Komodo
The Best Decaf you will ever try! This full-body Decaf Komodo is low in acidity, dark roasted, and is Swiss Water® Processed to remove the caffeine. Try this coffee with buttery flavors of cocoa, marshmallow, and black tea.
 3. Organic Colombia
Colombia coffee tends to note it as medium-bodied with a rich taste and citrus-like acidity that is delicate. This coffee is smooth with some green apple, lime zest, caramel, and nougat aromas. A good hearty and satisfying coffee. 
4. Organic Nevada Black
What hasn't Nevadan seen a night so dark, so calm, so pure? Like the greatness of the state, we are pound to offer you one of our finest roasts. Dark Italian Roast coffee with hints of Cocoa, Molasses, and Toasted Walnut is smooth to the last drop
5. Organic Death Valley French Roast
 This French roast coffee is far less acidic and roasted in flavor. It also has a subtle smoky flavor with smooth dark chocolate and a hint of citrusFrench roast beans are traditionally used for drip-brewed coffee. They also make a nice, bold espresso and do well when brewed in a 'French-Press'.
6. Organic Delicious Espresso
We can't Espresso how much you mean to us! Looking to caffeinate your home? Look no further with this full-body Espresso! This low acidity coffee is made with our highly prized beans with flavors of smooth chocolate and caramel.