12cups Organic Death Valley French Roast Medium Dark


Our French Roast has a subtle smoky flavor with smooth dark chocolate and a hint of citrusFrench roast beans are traditionally used for drip-brewed coffee. They also make a nice, bold espresso and do well when brewed in a 'French-Press'.

 As smooth as it is, you'll be wondering, Why Death ValleyIt is North America's driest and hottest spot and has the lowest elevation on the continent. Mark Berry, the founder,  and his family lived in Death Valley 

 Just expect a good, full body of flavor with each brew. This is heavyweight stuff. It has that earthy, roasted, smoky flavor.

Single Serving Coffee Pod - Keurig Compatible

The pod is made from 100% polypropylene from filter to lid. The strong polypropylene filter can hold finer coffee grounds, which are important for a strong cup of coffee at a large size. The 100% polypropylene construction is easy to recycle without having to separate the components.