Founder's Blend Bundle (2 Dark Roasts and 1 Medium)


Looking to try some new coffees, but don't know which one to pick? Why not get all three of our best seller Founder's Blends in this bundle! This bundle draws us to close to home, with all of Mark's creations in one! This Includes 1 - 12 Oz Nevada Black, 1- 12 Oz Tanners House Blend, and 1- 12 Oz Death Valley French Roast, Who could go wrong?!


  • What Nevadan hasn't seen a night so dark, so calm, so pure? Like the greatness of the state we are pound to offer you one of our finest roasts. A Dark Italian Roast coffee with hints of Cocoa, Molasses and Toasted Walnut that is smooth to the last drop.
  • This blend is perhaps our most unique blend. The first sip might make you think it's just another cup but take another and you will discover robust and satisfying flavors of milk chocolate, caramel and a nutty finish. You will love Tanners House Blend
  • Our French Roast has a subtle smoky flavor with smooth dark chocolate and a hint of citrus. French roast beans are traditionally used for drip-brewed coffee. They also make a nice, bold espresso and do well when brewed in a 'French-Press'.