12 cups Organic Decaf Komodo Medium Dark Roast


The Best Decaf you will ever try! This full body Decaf Komodo is low in acidity, dark roasted and is Swiss Water® Processed to remove the caffeine. Try this coffee with buttery flavors of cocoa, marshmallow, and black tea.

Swiss Water® Process uses the elements of water, temperature and time to create some of the most intriguing decaf coffee. First, we start with small batches of amazing coffee and green coffee extract. Then we add local water and a dash of loving attention by monitoring time and temperature until the coffee is 99.9% caffeine free. 



Single Serving Coffee Pod - Keurig Compatible

The pod is made from 100% polypropylene from filter to lid. The strong polypropylene filter can hold finer coffee grounds, which are important for a strong cup of coffee at a large size. The 100% polypropylene construction is easy to recycle without having to separate the components.